Coming to another country, you find yourself in a completely different life with french to english. And this is not surprising. Each country has its own traditions and views, which are the norm for the natives, but strange for foreigners. We studied the opinions of visitors from different countries and identified several positions that they could observe in this country.

1. Amazing ease of communication

Yes, the French are such a people that do not divide people into poor and rich, working in good positions and those who live under the bridge. They are well aware that the value of all people is the same. Therefore, if a stranger speaks to you, then do not be alarmed. The French are fine with it. There seems to be a lot to learn.

2. Meals on time

It seems like a country of freedom, but the French have meals at about the same time. Breakfast at 9-10 in the morning, lunch at 2 o’clock, and dinner after 7. This may seem unusual to some, but from the side of a healthy lifestyle, it’s great! Plus, they love to enjoy every meal and won’t eat in traffic or on the road.

3. On weekends only rest

If you live in France for a while, you will notice that they do not work on weekends. And this applies not only to plumbing or furniture stores, for example. Supermarkets are closed too. The French set aside a day purely for relaxation and sports. They made all the purchases during the week and have no idea how it can be done on the weekend.

4. Frequent strikes

Not that the French like to rebel. Not at all. They go to different rallies more simply because they find like-minded people and people with similar interests there. At these “events” they can express their civil position. It doesn’t matter if they raise their salaries or not.

5. The French are very fond of their language

If you want to make friends with these people, then speak French and learn french to english. They will admire you if you choose to speak in their own language. There are those who speak English, but their native language is closer to them.

If you come to France for a few days, you may not immediately feel their traditions. You may notice something else. But at least once to visit this country is really worth it. And in order to immediately make friends with this interesting people, like the French, you can also learn French at the school of foreign languages. It doesn’t matter if it’s from scratch or at a higher level. We will select a comfortable level for your study.