After you have formed a training schedule and built a system, you can start oral self-study and use tagalog to english translator sentence. If you try to talk to real people at the beginning of your journey, you may encounter a lot of setbacks, such as a fast conversation speed and a small vocabulary to keep the conversation going. It is recommended to resort to the following step-by-step exercises for 3 basic self-taught tricks:

1. Talk to yourself

In fact, self-dialogue is a conversation with oneself. With your own questions and answers, you can practice speaking English. Since you are the subject of the conversation, you can control the speed and complexity well by yourself, which is a very suitable self-study method for beginners to speak English.

In general, when talking to yourself, you can use two methods: the echo method and the storytelling method. The so-called echo method means that after you hear a sentence in English, you need to repeat it again. This method focuses on “listening” and remembering how to pronounce. The storytelling rule is to follow and imitate as soon as you hear a sentence in English. It is generally recommended that people who talk to themselves, for a period of time, use this method for as long as possible to be more effective.

As for the content of a conversation arabic to english with oneself, it can be everyday situations such as daily conversation, booking a table in a restaurant, watching movies, and more. With these imitative dialogue exercises, one can reduce the fear of speaking English and at the same time build confidence.

2. Watch the video in English

Currently, you can supplement your learning with English, watching movies, news, videos. The following methods are recommended:

Choose a passage with a dialogue between two people and turn on the English subtitles and watch it once.
To understand unfamiliar sentence patterns, vocabulary and phrases, consult a dictionary.
After understanding the content of the dialogue, turn off the English subtitles and watch it again. This time carefully, paying attention to pronunciation and intonation.
Try to combine your own speech and the manner of speech in the film, it will be very exciting.
When you can smoothly restore the contents of the dialogue in English, you will find that the dialogue has stuck in your mind as an audio file and you can use it if there are similar situations in the future. In addition, American dramas can also be good thematic content, which can be called a method of self-learning spoken English, and which can kill two birds with one stone.

3. Live communication

When you can freely talk to yourself mentally, you can try to talk to real people. There is no fixed form of teaching dialogue with real people. This is done by accumulating experience in each dialogue to improve their expression and vocabulary skills. Before you start a real conversation, you must first have the concept of not being afraid to make mistakes, which is a common problem many English learners face. In fact, by speaking English, you must accumulate your experience through constant trial and error. We can learn to understand English only in real communication.