As a rule, when contacting a translation bureau, a client expects to get an ideal result english to bangla translation that would correspond to his requests, criteria and wishes. Thus, the aspect of editing translated texts is an integral part of the work of a specialist translator and is the key to the successful completion of the work.

The editing stage allows you to find and get rid of minor errors and typos, since translation is a workflow, and many factors can affect the presence of imperfections. Editing makes it possible to get an adequate text in terms of meaning, literacy, where every sign and every word has its right place.

Editing a finished text involves not only thorough reading, eliminating stylistic and grammatical errors, but also bringing the text to structure and form in accordance with the standards of the translation industry and the standards of the field to which the text belongs. Also, stylistic editing is needed, which allows you to dispel the uniformity and dullness of the phrases used. Another important criterion for editing translated texts is consultation with a highly qualified translator or with a translator specializing in highly specialized translations. Such a translation is more expensive and complicated, but the work of a specialist allows the client to be sure that the terms and wording are correctly used in the text, that the definitions are correct and that semantic constructions are correctly used.

The peculiarity of the editor’s work is that he simultaneously works with the original text and the translation text, compares them and achieves maximum accuracy, which is extremely necessary when translating technical, legal, medical and economic texts; he also assumes great responsibility for the result. The work requires concentration, perseverance, translation and editing skills.